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Kazbegi Platinum


Kazbegi Platinum

Τύπος: beer mix
Αλκοόλ: 4,8% vol
Χρώμα: χρυσόξανθο
Συστατικά: βύνη κριθαριού, λυκίσκος, μαγιά, ρύζι, τεκίλα
Προέλευση: Γεωργία

Η μπύρα

Beer-Mix  – type, light foaming drink with Tequila flavor.
Its production started in 2007.

Composition: malt, hops, spring water, rice, Tequila natural flavoring.
Energetic value: 100 grams of beer contain 39 kilocalories.
Bottled in 0,5 L. bottles.

Alcohol content – not less then 4,8%.
Acidity – from 1,1 to 1,8.
Part by weight of carbonic acid – not less then 0,5%.
Consistence – 12%

Technology: it is made from malt, softened water, hop, rice, Tequila natural flavoring.  It is prepared by original tecnology and method.

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